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Open Letter to Governor Rick Snyder


As a proud and engaged alum of Western Michigan University, when I read a news headline pertaining recent appointments to the board of my alma mater---- it gets my attention. I am naturally eager to learn which distinguished alumni have been appointed to this governing body of eight. After all, with a pool of over 180,000 alumni worldwide, why should I be concerned?

In fact, with 67% of all alumni living in Michigan, scattered throughout all fifty states and making an impact in over 140 countries around the globe, it shouldn?t be too difficult to find people exemplifying excellence in leadership. If you take a snapshot of our own community, you will find distinguished alumni in elected office, running the largest companies and nonprofits and raising the bar in just about every industry.

I find it incredibly disheartening to learn that for the second occasion in the last two years, individuals unfamiliar with both our community and university have been appointed to this high seat.

Most disheartening is the quote from the recent appointee, which appeared in the recent MLive article: ?I didn?t know a lot about Western and had never been to Kalamazoo.? Certainly if you are unable to select alumni, find someone with a deeply vested interest in our community. I am confident both Michelle Crumm and Dana Debel are both wonderful individuals, perfectly worthy of this honor. Both individuals have clearly demonstrated a genuine interest in public service and possess impressive biographical credentials.

Nonetheless, in my opinion, these appointments are a slap in the face to distinguished alumni around the globe. Mr. Governor, in the future, we can produce and offer a prospect list of candidates at least 180,000 strong.

As alumni, we need to band together and make a statement. Please join me in signing an online petition to encourage Governor Snyder to consider alumni first.

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